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Sunday Specialty Classes



November 10 - Voguing and Waaking

A niche corner of the street dance world, voguing and waaking evolved from the underground queer arts scene of 1970s/80s America. This workshop with be a shoulder, arm and neck intensive workout covering the basic elements of Voguing and Waaking techniques. Feel free to wear heels or flats and be your most fabulous!

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November 17 - Fans

making/customization & movement basics

This workshop is one part crafting & making and one part playing & moving.  You'll learn techniques to transform existing fans into unique masterpieces or make fans from parts, as well as movement and performance basics. No supplies are necessary but please feel free to bring any fans or supplies you have to work on.

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November 24 - Tap dance basics

Anyone have an old pair of tap shoes lying around? Been dying to try tapping? This workshop takes you through the basics of tap and how to put steps together to create a performance. Tap shoes are not required, character shoes or hard soled shoes can work in a pinch. A few pairs of extra tap shoes will be available but keep your eyes out for a pair and join in!

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December feature - Choreology

 Choreology is the study and the theory of the aesthetic and science of human movement through movement notation. This class is theory based and goes through the building blocks that make up dance and human movement. For a fascinatingly scientific look at movement, join in on this workshop in December.