Sunday Specialty Classes


January 2020

January 5 - Struts and Steps

In this one hour specialty class we will work on walking in heels and getting your strut on! We'll also look at transitional steps and some great tips and tricks for boosting your improvisational skills for filling out those walks.

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January 12 - Smoulder and Strut

Building up from Struts and Steps, we'll review walking and basic steps and start looking at posing and finding a sultry connection to your audience. We'll work on building your stage presence with attitude, allure and attention.

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January 19 - Show and Sell 

This workshop will delve further into burlesque basics as we look at creative and classic strips. From gloves to garters, you'll learn ways to remove and reveal that include burlesque standards and ways to make your peels unique!

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January 26 - Sex

Let's get raunchy! In this extended, hour and a half long specialty class*, we're gonna sell sex appeal. We'll look at posing, strutting, floor work and improvisation with a focus on feeling up and showing off your best assets.  Ending off with a choreography combo, you'll be able to put it all together and let loose.

*Fee for this class is the same as a regular hour long class!

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